This blog is a dumping ground…or maybe a garden…for all of the adventures and outdoor bike activities I engage in, regardless of how unrelated they are, so I can add my own profound thoughts to them and let other people have a peek in to see. I also like to take pictures of things, so lots of them should find their way here too.

I have a YouTube channel of the same name because sometimes I make a video and edit it into something vaguely watchable. I have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and probably a couple of other social media sites that I signed up for and forgot about. I have never tied them all together into a cohesive strategy. In order to have a strategy you have to have some overarching goal or plan. No such thing here.

What I like about blogging and what I want to get out of it is writing. While obviously YouTube is not so much about reading and writing, Facebook and Twitter are not much better.  Sometimes I want to write more than a few sentences about something, thus a blog.

The general subject is (but is not limited to) riding bicycles and motorcycles. It is odd to me how little overlap there is between the two activities. But there is definitely some. I have multiple bicycles at any given time. Generally I have a road bike, a mountain bike, a touring bike and a fat bike. I am a one motorcycle guy except when I am in the process of buying and selling. I even figured out how to carry my bicycle on my motorcycle at one time, but I never actually did it very much after figuring it out.

I want this to be a blog about experiences. I don’t want to turn into a promotional site, but I do plan to do reviews of stuff now and then. So I won’t focus on brands as much as categories of stuff, their utility, hints and tips, etc.

Other than that, I just want to keep things original, fresh and interesting. It will be a challenge to see if I can do it, but I am hopeful that I will get something out of it no matter what, I just hope that I can make it valuable for people who stumble onto if while on the web. Time will tell.