Category: Tips for Beginners

With so many people new to the 2 Wheel world due to eBiking, here are some tips to help you get on 2 Wheels

Riding Tip: Posture And Static Joints

I want to begin by pointing out that I am not a doctor of any kind. However, I ran a bike shop for years and helped people get comfortable on their bikes. See a doctor and/or get a proper bike fitting if you have serious riding pain or similar issues. This is another in a …

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Riding Tip, Beginner Level: Foot Placement When Coasting

eBiking has brought many new riders into the two-wheeled world. Some are young people who are riding on the street for the first time. Some are older people who are enabled by their electric steed. In many cases, the eBike has enabled them to propel their bikes forward without all the skills needed to do …

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