Chain Reaction

During my Dixon Lake Overnighter I busted a chain. No big. I fixed it trailside and kept riding. But it was to be the end for the chain. It broke again. And again.


So it was time for a new chain. Once again, simple enough, right? Wrong. Turns out the chain, cassette and chainrings had grown old together. And like two pair of old couples, they only had eyes for each other. The new chain was most unwelcome. The cassette refused to hold on to it, causing the chain to skip all over the cassette under power. The chainrings had kind of the opposite problem. They did not know how and when to let go, and pulled the new chain up into chainsuck whenever I hammered even a little bit. So a new cassette and chainrings were in order. The cassette was straightforward, a good old XT 11-36 for wide range. New chainrings for the oddball Surly OD crankset were more difficult to locate. The rings are standard bolt patterns, but 5 bolt cranks are old school now, and getting a 22/36 combo took a little research. I eventually opted for some affordable alloy rings by Dimension. And alloy chainring bolts. They were are a departure from the steel small ring and bolts the crank came with. But they look great.


And yes, I am still 2 x 10. I am liking the looks of the new Sram Eagle 1 x 12 though, so I my go 1x yet.  Regardless, it was time for a shakedown ride.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
02:17:02 02:01:36 17.75 8.76 22.37 748.03
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

It was off to the beach with my fatbike dressed up as a 29 plus. My favorite format lately.


Time out for a pose or two.



Oh, THOSE unstable cliffs.

The coast had recently been battered by a big storm, ripping away much of the beach. And in some cases, even beyond.


The parking lat that was.

It is safe to say that my 29 plus is my go to ride for now. But now that it is back in good shape I don’t need to be doing shakedown rides. I will be mixing in the commuter/tourer a little more. And I have a new commute with loads of options. More on that soon.




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