Welcome to Two Wheel Lifestyle

Here goes a blog that is pretty much guaranteed to cater to no one. How many cyclists ride motorcycles? Probably a few, but let’s not stop there. How many roadies ride a fat bike? How about 29 plus riders that like bikepacking?


Forget boundaries, embrace eclecticism and hold on for the rides.

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There are riders that care about the experience, the moment, the setting, the world and its people as they fly past, each beckoning us to stop, to savor, to engage.


Movement through the world can be poetry, a dance, a flow that we choreograph as best as we can by our preparation, altered by the unpredictability of our environment, and seasoned by our fortunes, be they good or bad.


Adventure can be found anywhere. It can be in every step of every day. It can be just down the street and in your own back yard.


It is not a place and neither is it defined by the outside world.

It is an attitude and a spirit and it is inside each of us, which puts us in the drivers seat, or more appropriately for this blog, at the handlebar.


Let me know what you think